Annual Report

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Presented here is the Malaysia public listed and non listed companies as well as government agencies annual report. Annual report is a unique publication of an organizations not only on their information and data but as well as the companies brand and image. It is a sad thing to see such publication only reside within the company or government agencies data based.

This publication should be fully utilized as a means of marketing and out reach. Publishing annual report is not easy and cheap. It is a waste of resources just to keep it in the company office or distributed only for targeted people. It should be made aware and visible and this is the portion of this site is all about. The benefit of this platform is:

  1. First, the annual report is presented in e book form where the unique cover is showcases beutifully compared to only a boaring word of a title.
  2. Second, tbe grid view and add to cart facilities enable user to download multiple annual report easyly without ever have to click multiple times to download each file (dont worry about the ‘purchasers log in here’, its just for your download record and no any fees what so ever).
  3. Third, the slug and tags enable people around the world to have easy search in search engine (does this sound familliar… probably close to SEO dont you think?). In other word a ready internet presents for the company annual report and its brand.
  4. The last and the best part is it is totally free of charge.

Come and see the record by clicking the link below or navigate through menu above or simply type in search box.

  1. Public Listed Companies
  2. Non Listed Companies
  3. Government Agencies

p/s: If there is none recorded here and you have the record, please share with us so that we can make the record visible and accessible in the internet.