It is universally accepted notion that any business operations have a risk. As the business saying goes ‘high risk-high return’. It is a gold mine for every business to venture into high risk business but with low success rate, though market, and unknown. Because of this risk few dare to. The term risk is talking about something bad that could not be bleach out but can be measured and in certain extent can also be adjusted. How it is done? It is by making an informed decision.

Information is power. Information is universe. Information is celestial. Imagine what you can do with all of the information in hand. With information people can understand, augmented, survive and predict the future. See how powerful information is? The same goes, with enough information an entrepreneur can reduce the level of risk in venturing into unchartered territories, a business can improved its performance, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is this page is all about.

Within this page, you can find information on Malaysia public listed company profile as well as its performance metrics. The information produce here is taken from reliable and published source. The company performance metrics is measured through financial ratio of which is calculated based on its published financial statement. Four main category of ratio calculation is provided for each listed company and it is as follows:

  • Profitability Ratio
  • Leverage Ratio
  • Liquidity Ratio
  • Activity Ratio; and
  • Market Ratio

Within each category, there are sub category of 4 to 5 ratio analysis, calculation steps and formula as well as the interpretation for each company. The company is organised in alphabetical order.

In other word, hey why bother collecting, calculating and interpreting the ratio by yourself. Why not let us do the work and you can do the judgement thinking. Trust us, sit back, relaxs and enjoy the fruit. That easy. Although making a decision is a though job either.

This information is suitable for investors to make better judgement before investing or a businesses can identify areas that need to be improve or even a researchers to do market analysis and last but not least for students in completing their assignment.

Basic information is given for free however with minimal fees a visitor to this page can procure more detail information. The purchase can be either made by:

  • this website through Paypal; and
  • email us the product code to sales@irplus.com.my
  • email us your request of which company do you need to calculate the ratio

Once the transaction have been complete the information is sent to the customers through e-mail in Adobe PDF format that is suitable to be view in MAC or Windows. If you need the product in MS excel format, we can customise it for you with extra 10% from each price tag. All you need to do is email your customisation request to asles@irplus.com.my along with prove of payment.

What? You don’t find what your looking for? Don,t worry, email us your request at sales@irplus.com.my the  company and the financial year that you want and we will prepared the ratio metrics for you.

If you don’t trust us, don.t worry because we are fully registered under the Malaysian Registration of Business Act 1965.

Be a superhero, be a ultimate warrior or be an angel with information.

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